A basic income system for communities

Circles (CRC) is an alternative currency, which allows organised groups of people to provide basic income for each other - rather than depending on the state.

The value and the use of the Circles universal basic income depend on the community which uses it. For it to work, it requires strong community ties and a proactive commitment to create value in the system by providing products and services in exchange for CRC. In the beginning, it might be rather an act of solidarity, however, over time, through strong community ties, it has a huge potential to provide a stable alternative economy supporting everyone in that community through universal basic income.

We are here to help you set it up.

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Circles Onboarding Sessions

A one hour introduction to the ideas behind Circles, practical information about onboarding circles.garden as well as ample time to ask your questions and get trusted.

Monthly, Tuesday 5-6pm [CET]. Next sessions:

April 12th; May 3rd; May 31st; July 5th; August 2nd

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Shared Wallets are out!

Now, you can share your CRC as a group/organization and share wealth with the ones you trust! Every person who has a validated trusted account in Circles can create a shared wallet and add people to it.

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Build solidary economy together

Circles is a basic income system, which works in living communities, where people and businesses are ready to use a complementary currency.


Anyone who joins Circles receives a basic income regularly, without conditions.


The more interconnected your community is, the more valuable your CRC becomes, in terms of the products and services you can access.


Circles is a worldwide basic income system, built from the bottom up, and issued without central leadership.

How it works technically

First, you will need a smartphone, a tablet or a computer with a browser

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How it works socioeconomically

A community based basic income system needs people, who are interested in building together an economy that values what they do and give to each other.


The idea of Circles universal basic income system has been around since 2013. It was initiated by Martin Köppelmann.
Circles was built and launched in October 2020 by Julio Linares, Sarah Friend, Adz, Saraswathi Subbaraman and Blanka Vay, with the funding and support from Martin Köppelmann.

Sarah Friend

Blanka Vay

Julio Linares
Research & Community


Martin Koppelmann

Saraswathi Subbaraman
Product Design

After the launch, Ela Kagel and Andreas Arnold joined the team and founded the Circles Cooperative in 2020. Circles Coop works on establishing a basic income flagship pilot in Berlin, a case study to test and show how Circles can work as a complementary currency. It is also in charge of supporting all the communities around the world who want to implement Circles in their regions.

The Coop is handling the general communication platforms of Circles UBI: Circles Instagram, Circles Berlin Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, marketplace, the circles.garden wallet and this website.

Circles is an open source project, we don't have control about groups and communication platforms who use the brand Circles. Be careful, some of them are scammers. We list here the ones whom we are working together with.