Circles needs you!

Circles was launched in October 2020 by six strong-willed dreamers. We were growing super fast, but our system was unprepared for such huge success and collapsed. We’ve rebuilt everything from the ground up. Now, we are twelve strong-willed dreamers working on strengthening our system. We are working towards creating sustainable and stable communities that will benefit from our universal basic income system worldwide.
That’s why we need your support.
We are looking for committed, regular donors who support bringing Circles to a fully thriving life.
Your donation is crucial!
Will you join us in making universal basic income a reality for all, and creating sustainable, local communities worldwide?

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You can choose PayPal as well

With your generous support, we could:

  • make our pilot project in Berlin stronger
  • develop our technical team
  • diversify our funding
  • support new pilots around the world
  • run new tests and research
  • mentor for other pilots
  • and do so much more!

Please join us in making universal basic income a reality for all!

Other Ways to Donate

We also have non-profit status via Open Collective
And you can support our work on GitCoin

Our legal entity is a cooperative

The Circles Coop eG is founded by the team who have been most busy during the last years working on implementing varying features that comprise the Circles ecosystem.

We are dedicated to continually improving Circles; with motivations to provide access to a community-based basic income for many, around the entire globe.

Therefore this huge and long work needs your support too.