Products and services do not disappear from the marketplace without any reasons. The only explanation why items can appear to be missing is, if they are marked as inactive by the seller or if an item is sold. Then those items are listed in the respective categories: either in “inactive articles” or in “inactive articles” and “sales” at the same time.

Please be aware that an item listed with a quantity of only 1 unit will automatically “disappear” from the marketplace when it is sold, because it moves into the “sales” and “inactive articles” category. To prevent this and in case you want to offer many units of the same item, please ensure to increase the quantity of the product or service within the item description.

In your marketplace account you find an overview of different item lists: active articles, inactive articles, purchases and sales.

Once you have sold an item it automatically moves from the category of “active articles” to “sales”. In case you offered only 1 unit of the item being sold, the listing on the marketplace will disappear and be shown under the category “inactive articles”.

At this point, the marketplace is only facilitating the match-making between buyers and sellers while the payment is happening only via the wallet. In addition the marketplace does not get feedback from the wallet whether the amount is paid or not, which is why there is no function at the marketplace informing you about the payment status.


Nevertheless, that might change once we are working on an integrated payment API, which is scheduled for later this year.


For now sellers need to check in the wallet, whether a payment has been received. To make the check-up easier, item numbers which are communicated through the order confirmation emails will automatically be associated with the payments in the wallet.

The marketplace is currently mainly being used by the Berlin community. This local community is part of a Circles laboratory, including a subsidy program. In the subsidy program, businesses can receive a EUR exchange for the items they offer in CRC, currently at a rate of 10 CRC : 1 EUR. While this impacts the pricing of some products and services in Berlin, it does not necessarily reflect the various ways CRC can be used and valued for offers outside the subsidy program and in general across the globe.


That being said, you are pretty much free to set prices according to your own will. Just remember: If prices are too high, nobody will buy your item and if they are too small you won’t be able to sustain your potential business in the long run.


Due to the recent CRC token transition (in June 2022) you might experience price changes on the marketplace or need to consider price adjustments for your products and services. Please check our info site for more details.

Circles reserves the right not to publish ads or to remove them from Circles Marketplace if there are indications that the advertised product is not for sale or is otherwise being offered in an illegal manner, or if there are indications that the ad is being or has been placed for improper purposes. We can remove ads, if they have sexist, rassist etc. background or connections, they are against science, seem like scam, and have unserious offers.

If you experience any problems with the marketplace, or you’d like to give feedback or report bugs in our system, please use our feedback form, and choose from the list: technical issues, marketplace design, marketplace features, business inquiry, wallet & transfer or others.


Thank you for the heads up!

The marketplace doesn’t use any cookies or analytics programs to track you individually. We are considering using Matomo, the Google Analytics alternative that protects your data and customers' privacy, to gain some general information about the usage of the marketplace (e.g. unique users, visitors map, visits over time). Other than that, it doesn’t use third-party services, except when your data is hosted on a server by the hosting provider Hetzner in Germany. For further information, please take a look at our privacy policy.

The purchase contract is set between the buyer and the seller. Circles and the marketplace is only an intermediary and does not sell products or services. To protect buyers against fraud, Circles recommends - especially for items and purchases of 1000 Circles tokens (CRC) or above - to transfer the amount right on the spot during pick-up. In individual cases, it may be also useful to obtain proof of ownership or proof of authenticity (e.g. software) or intactness (e.g. photos of used items).