How do you imagine setting up such an alternative economic system?

Here’s a concrete example:

In the Berlin Pilot, particular kinds of businesses are involved: they should represent/contribute to the social side of basic income and they should be in a hub position in a circular economy: like bookkeeping, cleaning, marketing, selling food, or baby-sitting. In addition, also businesses that offer services, which are valuable for many - and especially for other businesses.

For the time being, we can subsidize these businesses with euros. As long as the number of businesses in the Circles system is small, they can’t have much use of the CRC tokens. If later they can find enough suppliers and partners to pay them with CRC (and this way, save euros), they won’t need this additional, temporary support and we can phase it out.

Later on, we imagine this alternative economy will not only see basic income as an act of solidarity, but also as a business interest.