How do you mean each user has their own, personal tokens?

By issuing your own, personal basic income, your tokens will be different from other people’s tokens. It’s the very heart of our concept: the system will know and will always know the routes and the original sources of the tokens, even after many exchanges. This helps you to only use your Circles tokens (CRC) through your trust connections and through the transitive trust connections. This will protect the system against fake accounts. This very complex tracking and booking process is only possible on the blockchain - that’s why we use this technology.
This also means that your CRC tokens might have higher or lower usability-value compared to another person’s tokens, who has fewer trust connections, or they’ve trusted more fake accounts, which harms the value of your tokens too. That’s why there’s no simple answer to the question “What’s the exchange rate of EUR and CRC?”. If you receive CRC without meaningful, quality trust connections, or you’ve trusted fake accounts, then your CRC tokens won’t have any value. But if you are part of a living community, where real economical values are available, and you didn’t trust fake accounts, your CRC tokens will be pretty valuable.