How can I make sure my Circles account is secure?

There are two things you can do to keep your Circles account secure.

  1. You can save your Magic Words (seed phrase);
  2. You can link your Circles account with other devices.

Saving your Magic Words: We recommend saving it in a place where only you have access to it. Our tips on this:

  • Add to a password manager
  • Save in a notes app
  • Send to yourself in an email
  • Write it down, and put it somewhere safe
  • Make sure you can read your own handwriting. 🙂

Important: if you lose your Magic Words (seed phrase), there is no way anyone can help you retrieve your account.

For security reasons, your seed phrase is normally kept hidden. You can reveal it by clicking on “Export your seed phrase” on your profile page.

Linking your Circles account with other devices: We also recommend adding a second device as soon as possible, for example, both your phone and your computer. Adding a device makes it easy to reconnect to your account if one device fails for any reason.