Unfortunately, it’s not possible to restore your Wallet if you’ve lost your seed phrase. If you lose it, not even the Circles Team can recover it.

But don’t worry! You can still create a new Wallet if you’d like to receive your basic income.

To keep the Circles community free from fake accounts, and to make sure our members live meaningful social lives within our system, we’ve set up a “liveness trigger” (or a “dead man’s switch”.


This means if you haven’t logged in to your Circles account for more than 90 days, your basic income will stop. And even our Circles team can’t reactivate it for you. However, you can still start a new Circles Wallet (create a new account), log in to your old account and transfer all the tokens you have there to your new account. Make sure to tell your trusted connections about your new account, though, so they know it’s you and not a fake account.


In the future, we might cancel this “liveness trigger”.


But for now, please make sure to visit your account at least once every three months.

No, Circles is not on the exchange market. We didn’t build Circles for that. Circles is a different type of money: it’s not meant to serve as a storage unit to get rich. It’s meant to be used for our basic needs. Technically speaking, you might be able to sell your individual tokens, but it depends on who is willing to give you Euros/USD/Bitcoin/etc for Circles tokens. As the system is based on a plurality of currencies, it’s meant for Peer to Peer (P2P) transactions.

Sorry, you’re experiencing that.

Sometimes the system has a problem with "higher" amounts of CRC. We’re still working on sorting out these transitive transfers. Meanwhile, can you try to send smaller amounts multiple times and see if that works.

Unfortunately, you can’t. Circles is not a social media platform. It works via a trust network, where money is flowing between trusted peers. If our members could link their Circles accounts to their social media accounts, the social media companies might have free access to your and our sensitive data - and we don’t want that.


Also, Circles works best with real, quality connections. This means if our members could just “import” hundreds of friends, that would devalue your basic income. We believe Circles communities should be based on real trust connections. And to achieve this, we consciously set up some barriers in the system, so we won’t get on the social media train.


Therefore, we recommend talking to your friends about Circles preferably without the social media apps, because we don’t know where that exchanged information might go.

Sorry, you can’t. You can find out what their username is, trust them and send them Circles.

Sorry, not yet. But in the future, you will be able to do this.

We’re sorry, but you can’t change your login mode. Make sure to allow your browser to save the cookies on the circles.garden web app, so you don’t have to manually log in every single time you visit the site.

Please write down your seed phrase word by word with a space and no caps, no numbers.