How do I start receiving basic income with Circles?

After creating a new account (which we call ‘Wallet’) you will need three trust connections already in the system to verify your account. You can request trust by sharing a link to your profile, or in person by having someone scan your profile QR code.

You can also come to our monthly General Assembly in Berlin to meet the team.

We also organize regular online trust parties. We announce these parties on our Circles General Telegram Chat. You can visit our social media channels to find out when they are happening.

Once three people have trusted your profile, the app will automatically set up two smart contracts for you to start using and receiving Circles tokens (CRC): (1) your Safe (a smart contract that holds the keys to your account), and (2) your own CRC tokens. You will receive 50 CRC as a welcome package and then continue to receive a regular UBI.