In order to add devices, you have to export your ‘seed phrase’ or ‘Magic Words’ (a set of words that will keep your account safe. See the question: What are ‘Magic Words’?) and log in via a different device. You can do this by simply typing your 24 Magic Words on the new device.

If you can’t wait to create a Circles community with your friends (which is awesome), you can access Circles without 3 trust connections and get started:

Send 0.1 GNO to your account (the address from the link that appears when you share YOUR profile). The address will look something like this: 0xeb9784F6A6e3d03466974Cb3a5a77c79afbA14e8).

If that doesn't work, try sending 0.2GNO as it seems to fluctuate.

This, however, will only be useful if you then also add friends, businesses, cooperatives, farmers, etc. that are willing to exchange products and services with you to build a local Circles ecosystem.

In order to get verified, you have to be trusted by three people who are already trusted in the Circles system.

Please note that people should not verify each other if they have not met in person. It’s very easy for someone to attack the network if they can gain trust from strangers online. If you trust fake accounts, it can harm you a lot, as you could potentially lose your Circles tokens to a fake account.

After creating a new account (which we call ‘Wallet’) you will need three trust connections already in the system to verify your account. You can request trust by sharing a link to your profile, or in person by having someone scan your profile QR code.

You can also come to our monthly General Assembly in Berlin to meet the team.

We also organize regular online trust parties. We announce these parties on our Circles General Telegram Chat. You can visit our social media channels to find out when they are happening.

Once three people have trusted your profile, the app will automatically set up two smart contracts for you to start using and receiving Circles tokens (CRC): (1) your Safe (a smart contract that holds the keys to your account), and (2) your own CRC tokens. You will receive 50 CRC as a welcome package and then continue to receive a regular UBI.

It’s all okay. You can gain trust within the Circles community and then ask them to verify your account. See the question: How do I gain trust within the Circles community?

Your Circles Safe is a smart contract that holds the keys to your account.

You can add multiple devices to your Safe, like your computer or phone. Adding devices to your Safe can help with account recovery if you lose your ‘seed phrase’ or your ‘Magic Words’ you get when you register. (‘Magic Words’ are a set of words that will keep your account safe. See the question: What are ‘Magic Words’?)

Read more about Safes

You can go to that user’s profile, tap the trust icon next to their name, and revoke the trust. We recommend you do this as soon as possible to avoid losing your tokens to their account.

Having a quality trust network where you have fewer connections, but those connections are real people you actually know, is more valuable than having a big, loosely connected network, which may have many unchecked or fake accounts.