What happens if I don’t use my Circles account that often? (What is the “liveness trigger” or “dead man’s switch”?)

To keep the Circles community free from fake accounts, and to make sure our members live meaningful social lives within our system, we’ve set up a “liveness trigger” (or a “dead man’s switch”.


This means if you haven’t logged in to your Circles account for more than 90 days, your basic income will stop. And even our Circles team can’t reactivate it for you. However, you can still start a new Circles Wallet (create a new account), log in to your old account and transfer all the tokens you have there to your new account. Make sure to tell your trusted connections about your new account, though, so they know it’s you and not a fake account.


In the future, we might cancel this “liveness trigger”.


But for now, please make sure to visit your account at least once every three months.