What is a Shared Wallet?

A Shared Wallet is a Wallet (an account) you can open for any group or organization that you're a member of. Every person who has a validated, trusted account can create a Shared Wallet and add others to it.

Shared Wallets do not issue basic income. To fund your Shared Wallet, you should deposit a small amount of Circles tokens (CRC) to start with. Once the Wallet is activated, you can send and receive CRC.

Shared Wallets can transfer payments to others as well as receive payments. In order to directly receive CRC from others, Shared Wallets should trust other accounts first. Shared Wallets don’t have native CRC tokens of their own but can store CRC from others. As Shared Wallets don’t create tokens, they cannot receive trust - they can only give it.

If you are a business, you should NOT use your personal Wallet, because taxing will be a real nightmare.